Realms Of Glory

December 16th 2011

Well, we finally made it to Frostguard. Incredibly miserable trip up here from Tormier, even had to deal with a few wolves, first thing Chaak does is skewer this wolf through the eye with his throwing knife, I don’t know how it was still standing it must not have realized it was dead yet. It took off though. I’m still playing the role of the fighter… hackety hack slash slash. Got a couple of pelts out of the deal, perhaps some new scars as well. But I digress, we’re here now. Spent some time in Tordek and Tordek, Chaak was peddling his wares (and caused a little ruckus) and I did some schmoozing, V was her usual quiet self. We got some good info though, apparently our little dwarf head is part of some device, or maybe a key. Now we’ve got to figure out how we’re going to go about investigating our abandoned Dwarf fortress. But first, a well deserved rest.
- Cassius

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