Character Creation

Character creation basics:
I tend to run high powered campaigns, therefore I like the PC’s to have some pretty good stats.

Roll 4d6
Once you have the results reroll the lowest, then drop the new lowest die.

All characters start at 1st level, if you write up a detailed backstory for your character I will give you up to 1000 bonus starting exp. I’ll try to get the NPC’s backstory up so you can have an example.

Anything that exists in a published format from WOTC is valid for use in my campaign. I also have a couple of homebrew races available which should soon have their own respective pages on the wiki.

I typically do away with the stat penalties for races and move towards the 4th edition model of multiple bonuses. Just let me know what race you are looking into and I’ll let you know what the bonuses should be.
For example: Human +2 to stat of choice, Elf +2 Dex +2 Wis, Dwarf +2 Con +2 Wis, Halfling +2 Dex +2 Cha etc.

I don’t have a problem with people creating characters without my presence, just don’t come at me with a sheet that has all 18’s for stats ;)

Character Creation

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