Welcome to Realms of Glory!


This campaign takes place on the war scarred continent of Talos. Five years ago the land was swept up in a great battle led by three beings known as the Lords of Darkness. Melmond the Lord of Deception was a mortal man who wielded the Crown of Glory, a powerful artifact that let him sway the minds of the people and gave him exceptional power; Arcanus the Lord of Death was an ancient lich who’s unmatched necromancy allowed for the marshaling of legions of undead; and finally Sanctus the Lord of Betrayal a fallen Angel turned Demon lord who’s hubris nearly destroyed the entire world. A great host was raised by a group of heroes and the Lords of Darkness were defeated, but the cost was high and the kingdoms and races that once banded together lie weary and isolated.

Remember this is collaborative world building, so anything you create (as long as it doesn’t directly conflict with something pivotal to the campaign arc) is valid.

Realms Of Glory

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